Two accused of attempted burglary of storage facility

Matthew B. Herron. Photo courtesy of Columbus Police Department.

Two Columbus men found in a storage facility with bolt cutters Wednesday night are facing attempted burglary charges.

Columbus police say that they were called to the storage facility on North Indianapolis Road at about 11:30 Wednesday night after a security guard saw the two men in the facility. He said they did not come through the front gate and police found a hole cut in the fence.

The two ran away when police arrived but officers cordoned off the area and soon found 31-year-old James M. Kapetanois. Police brought in police dog Argo who found 39-year-old Matthew B. Herron. A set of bolt cutters were also recovered with Herron.

They are both facing charges of attempted burglary and trespassing. Kapetanios is also being accused of carrying a syringe.