Towns, city and counties to see help with COVID-19 expenses

Indiana is making more than $4.3 million available in Bartholomew County to cover expenses from the COVID-19 pandemic, local state legislators Rep. Ryan Lauer and Rep. Sean Eberhart announced Thursday.

Bartholomew County is eligible for nearly $2.7 million in funding, Columbus $1.5 million and other county towns are receiving funds including: Clifford $7,883; Elizabethtown $17,097; Hartsville $12,880; Hope $71,311; and Jonesville $6,229.

Lauer said the the pandemic brought a financial burden to communities including medical supplies and testing centers. The relief funds are to help offset their unexpected COVID-19 related costs.”

Indiana allocated $300 million in federal funding from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economics Security, or CARES Act to counties and communities for reimbursement. Lauer said the funding cannot be used to replace lost tax revenue.

The Indiana Finance Authority is in charge of guidelines on how each county, city and town can use the funding.