Three arrested in Seymour drug-dealing investigation

Tammy L. Bowery. Photo courtesy of Jackson County Sheriff’s Department

Jackson County authorities say that they have broken up a Seymour drug ring selling to more than 30 people per day in the community.

According to reports from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department, three arrests were made on Sunday after a search warrant was served at an apartment complex in the 1400 block of Hillcrest Drive in Seymour. A search of the apartment uncovered about 54 grams of methamphetamine, 1.2 ounces of marijuana, prescription medications without a valid prescription, drug paraphernalia and nine cell phones.

Residents at the apartment, 56-year-old Tammy L. Bowery and 43-year-old Joseph D. Sizemore are facing drug dealing charges, drug and drug paraphernalia possession charges and are being accused of maintaining a common nuisance.

Joseph D. Sizemore. Photo courtesy of Jackson County Sheriff’s Department

51-year-old Raymond F. Engleking of Seymour is also being accused of possessing methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia.

Sheriff Rick Meyer says he is proud of the police work that went into the investigation and arrests, and that taking the drugs off the street makes the community a little safer. The investigation involved both the Seymour police and Jackson County Sheriff’s Department.