Six-hundred move to Atterbury for warfighter exercises

Nearly 600 citizen-soldiers with the 38th Infantry Division, headquartered in Indianapolis, moved into Camp Atterbury this week to train for nine days in October for a warfighter exercise.

Master Sgt. Jeff Lowry says the exercise will evaluate the soldiers’ proficiencies as they respond and communicate to various battlefield scenarios.

“Warfighter 19.1 is a unique opportunity for the 38th Infantry Division to develop proficiency in collective training tasks in a decisive-action environment,” said Maj. Gen. Gordon L. Ellis, the division’s commanding general. “It provides the division with the opportunity to conduct operations in conjunction with other divisions and a higher, corps headquarters.”

The military says these exercises train the command and staff teams in six areas: command and control, movement and maneuver, intelligence, targeting processes, sustainment, and protection.