Sheriff warns of Social Security call scam

Bartholomew County Sheriff Matt Myers is warning about a new phone scam deputies are seeing in the community, where a caller pretends to be with the Social Security Administration to get access to your personal information.

The sheriff warns that you should never give someone personal information over the phone. That includes your bank account, credit card number or your Social Security number.

He also suggested that you should no longer trust that the name or phone number you may see on the caller ID is actually the person calling you. Scammers are using technology through the Internet to spoof their name, area code and phone number. While it may seem like they are calling from Washington, D.C., they could be calling from anywhere in the world, he says.

Also, if the Social Security scammers try to get you to go on the web and send you to any site other than the official Social Security site at you should not comply.

If you come across one of these scams, you can report it to the Social Security Administration’s Fraud Hotline at 1-800-269-0271