Sheriff Myers supports school safety proposal

Bartholomew County Sheriff Matt Myers wants schools to be safer. He joined Porter County Sheriff Dave Reynolds, who also the Legislative Chairman of the Indiana Sheriff’s Association, to support his testimony for Indiana House Bill 1225.

HB 1225 provides that school corporations, with their county sheriff, may apply for a grant from the Indiana Secured School Fund to provide for the initial set up costs for an active event warning system. When installed, Myers says the system would notify all law enforcement of a dangerous situation.

Sheriff Myers says he supports this bill because it serves as another way to secure the safety of children. In addition, he says the bill will provide law enforcement in our communities with quicker response times to incidents. Myers explains that on-duty and off-duty law enforcement officers would immediately be notified in case of an Active Assailant incident, even notify officers who may be in another county. It also allows every officer to know every other officer who is on scene.

That’s not to say that Sheriff Myers is completely happy with the proposal. “What I don’t support about this particular bill is the fact that schools will need to apply for grants overseen by the State to install the Automated Immediate Notification System in schools. I believe these systems should be mandated by the State and funded by the State.”