Scammers using fake celebrity lure to sell CBD products

The Better Business Bureau is warning of scams hitting the area involving supposed free trials of CBD products.

One Indianapolis resident lost more than $100 to scammers purportedly selling CBD gummies through a fake website. The scam involves sites that sell the products through on-going monthly subscriptions or through not-so-free trial offers where you are charged high prices for extra products or shipping.

Many of the scams also include a supposed celebrity endorsement but scammers often use fake celebrity endorsements to lure you in.

The Better Business Bureau of Central Indiana warns that once the scammers get you to sign up using your credit card, canceling the subscription or getting a refund is very difficult, with some scammers continuing to charge the victims after supposedly canceling the subscription.

If you paid with a credit card, you can dispute fraudulent charges. Keep an eye on your monthly statements and notify your credit card company of any suspicious charges.

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