Safe Haven Baby Box dedication set for next week in Seymour

The Seymour Fire Department has installed a Safe Haven Baby Box at Station #3, at 605 Meadowbrook Drive. The Safe Haven Baby Box will be made available to the public starting on Friday, June 14th.

The Safe Haven Law allows people to anonymously surrender their healthy newborn without fear of prosecution. Safe Haven Baby Box Inc . is a non-profit organization dedicated to installing these boxes in as many safe places as possible. Organizers say this in the ninth installation, statewide. They add that two babies have been surrendered inside Safe Haven Baby Boxes since the first was installed in 2016. Two other babies have been surrendered at fire stations with the boxes.

A blessing and dedication of the Seymour Safe Haven Baby Box is set for Friday, June 14th at 10:30 a.m. Congressman Greg Pence is scheduled to be among the officials in attendance.