Redevelopment Commission on open-door policy updates

The Columbus Redevelopment Commission has taken action on some subcommittees after the Indiana Public Access Counselor says the subcommittee meetings are covered by the state’s Open Door Law. Commission President Sarah Cannon read a statement at Monday’s meeting…


Cannon says that the public access counselor’s decision contradicted the opinion of redevelopment commission attorney Stan Gamso, who was of the opinion that these subcommittee meetings did not fall under the purview of the open door law.

Three subcommittees, one dedicated to the railroad, one dedicated to improvements on State Street and another to look at the riverfront, have already been closed down. Cannon says the work of those committees have been completed. However, she says that another subcommittee for a third phase of improvements to the State Street corridor may be appointed in the future. If that happens, those meetings will be covered by the state’s Open Door Law.