Public TV to profile Columbus icon, Clessie Cummins

WTIU Public Television will be airing a biographical documentary on a Columbus icon next week.

The show will feature the life of Clessie Cummins, the co-founder of Cummins Engine Co.

Andie Redwine, producer of the documentary, talked about how Cummins’ ingenuity helped him overcome an eighth grade education.

Redwine  explains that the company gave the filmmakers access to a taped interview with Clessie’s son Lyle:

Lyle said that his dad was the product of both his own family, and a close relationship with the Irwins.

The show will first air Monday on the IU based station at 8 in the evening. There will be other showings, both afternoon and evening through the rest of the week. You can get more information online at