Pothole repair to slow I-65 traffic between Columbus and Seymour

Expect slowed traffic or delays on northbound I-65 Wednesday between Columbus and Seymour. The Indiana Department of Transportation are advising drivers to be aware of advancing lane closures between U.S. Highway 50 at Seymour and the Walesboro exit south of Columbus.

Two contracted crews have been scheduled to repair potholes between mile markers 50.0 and 64.0 requiring lane closures at worksites impacting northbound and southbound traffic. At the same time, a pavement striping operation will occur along the same roadway—also requiring restricted lanes. Many identified pothole locations are along center line pavement joints and in I-65 left lanes.

This work is part of the state’s $143 million Next Level construction project between Seymour and Columbus. When completed, I-65 will be completely rebuilt as a six-lane highway between U.S. 50 and State Road 58.