Partnership announced to administer ColumBike program

The Columbus Park Foundation has announced a collaborative partnership with the Columbus Bicycle Co-op and the Columbus Parks and Recreation Department in support of the ColumBike bike share program. The partners will share responsibilities for the ongoing management, operations, and long-term sustainability of the ColumBike program.

A not-for-profit organization, the Columbus Bicycle Co-op is a community and volunteer-based bicycle garage. Classes, tools, parts, bikes, and work space are among the amenities the Co-op offers. As part of the new partnership, the Co-op will oversee ColumBike maintenance and operations responsibilities as well as hire a full-time staff person to manage both ColumBike and the Bicycle Co-op. Together, along with the Columbus Parks and Recreation Department, the partners will share fundraising efforts and general ColumBike oversight.

“We are very excited about this collaboration with the Columbus Bicycle Co-op. Their supportive reputation in the bicycle community is solid, and their discernible compatibility with the ColumBike program makes this partnership a privilege and a perfect fit. The Columbus Park Foundation and the Columbus Bicycle Co-op will continue their current missions through the partnership, while the Co-op will provide more focus on the reinforcement aspect of ColumBike,” said Board President Chip Orben.