Ohio residents arrested on drug charges after traffic stop

Elvis Ellis; Photo courtesy of Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Dept.

Two Ohio residents were arrested after a Saturday morning traffic stop. Shortly after 11 that morning, a Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Deputy stopped a vehicle in the 500 block of South State Road 46.

The driver, 37 year old Elvis Ellis, of Powell, OH, pulled into a residence, quickly got out of the vehicle and began walking away.

The deputy ordered Ellis to stop. He complied, but not before he was seen throwing some items to the ground. A clear glass pipe with burned residue inside was found where Ellis had thrown the items. A film canister, containing a rock-like substance, syringes and a clear, plastic pipe with burnt residue were also located inside the vehicle.

Ellis was arrested on preliminary charges of possession of methamphetamine and paraphernalia, as well as driving while suspended.

Samantha Nelson; Photo courtesy of Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Dept.

A passenger, 34-year-old Samantha Nelson of North Logan, Ohio, was arrested on preliminary charges of:possession of Legend Drug Injection Devices and possession of Paraphernalia

Authorities says that Ellis’s young daughter was also in the vehicle. She was placed into the custody of a family friend.