North Vernon officials continue work on pool issue

North Vernon city officials continue their work addressing the city’s park and pool situation. Earlier this year, the city council voted to support a request from the parks board’s to close the city pool. Officials noted numerous repairs that needed to be made to the pool and surrounding facilities to make it acceptable to be reopened.

North Vernon is considering issuing bonds to cover the expense of repairs or rebuilding. The city council gave final approval Monday night for an ordinance that would allow it to pledge funds out of a recently expanded Tax-Increment Financing District to cover the repayment of these bonds. City officials say that the plan is to pay back any bonds out of the general fund, but they need a secondary method available in which to make the payments in order to get the bond.

While a final proposal to replace the pool and make other park improvements has not yet been approved, the work on putting together options is ongoing. Council member Trent Wisner noted that the project can be funded, so long as it comes in at under $3 million.

There’s been no word as to when a final decision on the pool and park will be made.