Members sought to work toward better bike, pedestrian infrastructure

The city of Columbus wants your help deciding on how bicyclists and pedestrians will get around the town in the future.

The city/county planning department is looking for 12 to 15 people interested in serving on the steering committee for the city’s bike and pedestrian plan update. The city’s first bike and pedestrian plan was adopted in 2010.

The committee will be identifying opportunities to expand the city’s bicycle and pedestrian network with an eye to make the system more convenient, safe, and comfortable for users, says senior planner Emilie Pinkston.

Steering committee members will help identify key issues related to bicycle and pedestrian mobility, offer comments and opinions on new ideas, and provide feedback on draft plans.

Th ecommittee will meet 5 times next year, typically on weekday evenings. If you are interested, you can call the Planning Department at 812-376-2550.