Market exists for hotel and conference center in Columbus, says study

There is definitely a market for a downtown hotel and conference center in Columbus. That’s the message from Rob Hunden, with Hunden Strategic Partners.

11-20 ROB HUNDEN-2

Hunden says it’s important to understand the local market.

11-20 ROB HUNDEN-4

Hunden gave the final report of the Hotel and Conference Center Market Analysis and Feasibility Study to the Columbus Redevelopment Commission Monday afternoon. Hunden pointed to two possible sites for a new hotel and conference center. They are the Bartholomew County Probation Department property at 507 Third Street and the downtown post office site. Hunden suggests it would be much easier and inexpensive to go with the probation site, but adds that both properties could be well utilized.

Hunden says the estimated cost of the proposed development is approximately $25 million.

The Redevelopment Commission took no action, but agreed to study the matter further.