Local businesses to celebrate Thursday at Chamber of Commerce annual meeting

The Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce will be celebrating its 110th annual meeting on Thursday.

Cindy Frey, president of the chamber Frey says that the event is both a celebration of the past year in local business, but also a call to action to make things better.

She explains that this year’s keynote speaker is John McDonald, CEO of ClearObject. The company helps others connect their products to the Internet of Things. He will be talking about what this new technology means for you and your organization.

McDonald’s company is based in Fishers and Frey said that community has been very successful in helping grow local entrepreneurship.

The event will also feature the presentation of several annual awards including the Edna Folger award for outstanding educator and the Maverick Challenge award, which goes to a local high school team of young entrepreneurs.

The lunch meeting is Thursday, March 28th from 1130 to 1:30 at The Commons. You can buy tickets at columbusareacchamber.com