Jennings County elects new Sheriff

Republicans in Jennings County are celebrating after big wins there. That includes a close win against an incumbent Sheriff.

WLKY in Louisville is reporting on the following races:

Jennings County Sheriff – Republican Wm. Kenny Freeman narrowly defeated Democrat incumbent Gary Driver;

Jennings County Clerk – Republican Amy Gwin Thompson was victorious over Democrat Rachael Shaw;

Jennings County Auditor – Republican Tessia Salsman defeated Demmocrat Kay Sue Vance;

Jennings County Recorder – Republican Mary Dorsett Kilgore defeated Democrat Sandra Vance;

Jennings County Recorder – Republican Matt Sporleder came out on top in his race against Democrat Nick Megel;

In all four contested races for Jennings County Council, Republicans were the victors. In District 1, Michael Gerth defeated Seth Kerr. In District 2, Mandy Gauger Creech was victorious over Larry Machino. In District 3, Bob Ellis defeated Daniel Holt, Sr. In District 4, Charles Weber won out over Tony Eder, Sr.

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