Hope seeks public input on storm sewer grant application

The Town of Hope is asking for your thoughts on a grant proposal to rebuild a collapsing storm sewer on the south side of the Town Square.

The town will be applying for a grant to replace the storm sewer, which was built in the days of horse and buggies and was never meant to carry the weight of modern traffic. Two large holes have opened along the route of the old storm sewer in the parking spaces around the square.

The town will be competing with at least 10 other communities for the project and will score points in the grant competition for public support, town officials say.

Engineering estimates this spring put the cost of the repairs at  $608,000 to replace the entire aging tunnel. The work would require replacing the line all the way from State Road 9 to Walnut Street. Town officials said last night that the town’s share of the project, about $60,840, would come from storm sewer maintenance funds.

The Town Council held a public meeting last night to get comments on the grant proposal and approved the application.

You can fill out a survey on the town Facebook page or find a link here.