Former museum offers $7.5k in grants for art and design projects

The Columbus Museum of Art and Design is offering a new grant program to promote art and design projects in Columbus. The goal is to continue building the city’s legacy of innovative design.

This represents a change in direction for the museum, which used to have a physical space in the old Commons. CMAD has created a more focused approach to be a funder for art, rather than a direct creator or curator. The group plans to repeat the grant awards twice yearly to ensure new art experiences are regularly available to the residents of Columbus.

The first round of grant funding will offer $7,500 and could be given to one grant recipient or split up between several projects. The winners will be chosen for short-term projects, to be completed in a year or less, and that will benefit a broad range of the Columbus community.

The deadline to apply is April 30th. You can find an application at