Flooding picture brightens throughout area

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A flood warning from the National Weather Service continues for rivers and streams throughout south-central Indiana, with most of the flooding coming this evening and going through mid-week in many areas.

According to the agency, four to six inches of rain fell through central Indiana, with another inch or more was expected last night. The remnants of Hurricane Gordon are tracking northeast along the Ohio River through tonight.

Among the rivers affected in our area are the East Fork White, Driftwood, Flatrock, Muscatatuck and Big Blue.

For other area river forecasts:

  • The Driftwood River at Hendricks Ford Bridge was at 5.18 feet as of about7:30 p.m. Saturday night, the last observed level. It is expected to hit 13.5 feet by tonight. That  would be minor flooding and half a foot below moderate flooding.
  •  The Flat Rock River at the U.S. 31 bridge in Columbus was at 5.82 feet at 5:30 a.m today, and is expected to hit 10.7 feet by early Monday morning. That is a few inches below the minor flooding level.
  • East Fork White River at Columbus is at 3.59 feet as of 6 a.m. today and is expected to crest at about 9.3 feet by Monday afternoon. That is minor flooding and just a few inches above the minor flooding level.
  • In Seymour, East Fork White River is at 10.76 feet at 5:45 a.m. today and is expected to crest at about 15.9 feet by Tuesday afternoon. That is moderate flooding and just over a foot below major flooding.
  • In Shelbyville, the Big Blue River was at 13.93 feet at 5:45 a.m., with a crest of 14.7 feet expected later this afternoon. That would be minor flooding and significantly lower than anticipated, even last night.
  • In Vernon, the Muscatatuck River is expected to crest at 21 feet later this morning, which would be minor flooding. It was at 19.55 feet as of 5:30 a.m. this morning.

The National Weather Service warns that you should never drive into flood water. If you come across water over the roadway they say “Turn around and don’t drown.”