Fair Oaks Mall property dominates Park Foundation annual meeting

The Columbus Park Foundation held its annual Community Meeting Thursday night at the Fair Oaks Mall. Discussions about the mall property dominated the evening.

The city bought the mall property at the end of last year. Parks department offices now located in the aging Donner Center would be relocated to the mall property under preliminary plans. City officials also want to to develop sports and recreation opportunities there and to use the facility for community wellness purposes.

Mark Jones, director of Columbus Parks and Rec., says the work the foundation does is immeasurable.

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Jones gives his thoughts on how the Fair Oaks project is coming along.

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City officials expect to have a better idea on how to implement community suggestions at the next public meeting on November 12.

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You can keep up to date on the Fair Oaks Mall project at reimaginefairoaksmall.com.

For more information on Columbus Park Foundation, go to columbusparkfoundation.org.