Emergency repairs to impact downtown traffic

The Columbus Engineering Department says that emergency utility repair will affect traffic on State Road 46 in downtown Columbus.

The left two lanes of westbound Third Street/State Road 46 are slated to close in downtown Columbus from Wednesday morning through Friday evening.

Northbound California Street will also be closed at the Third Street intersection. Westbound State Street (State Road 46 and State Road 7) traffic will be diverted to the right lane approaching California Street.

Columbus City Utilities will have emergency repair crews working on a broken sewer, estimated to be 90 years old. Authorities say the sewer main and brick manhole collapsed due to the heavy rains, creating a large pothole in the pavement. Traffic has been temporarily diverted around the pothole since Friday. City officials say they are working with INDOT and other agencies to expedite the repair.

You are encouraged to take an alternate route and avoid the area, if possible.