Drug treatment program ready to start at Bartholomew County Jail

The Bartholomew County Jail is closing in on starting its drug treatment program.

Sheriff’s Department officials say that the facility is taking the final steps to kick off its initial treatment program. Program coordinator Theresa Patton explains.

Patton says that screenings are going on now for female prisoners to take part in the first group.  Patton explains what the program will provide the inmates.

The first group will start with four women prisoners and add more in a staggered schedule to expand to 24 on both the men’s and women’s sides of the jail.

Jail prisoners who are admitted to the program will have 10 hour a day group treatment programs and individual counseling at no cost to the inmate. The program will run for a minimum of 90 days for each inmate and will be offered at no cost to the prisoner.

Patton said that she is working with community partners like the courts, ASAP and CRH to make a seamless transition as inmates leave the jail treatment setting.