Designs unveiled for new Commons playground

WRB staff photo

Designs for a new Commons playground were on display Monday. Randy Royer is Senior Principal of Hitchcock Design Group. He and his team gave a pair of presentations Monday afternoon at the Commons. He says that there are many challenges in a design like this.


Royer says that when it comes to improving the playground, much data has been taken from the public.


WRB staff photo

An updated playground space will see improvements like increased seating, a separate area for toddlers, cozy spaces and aspects that will exercise the senses. In place of the “tornado spinner,” plans call for a “group spinner.” The round, cage-like structure will allow several children on at once, while safety measures will keep the spinner from going too fast.

Columbus Parks and Rec says there is no timetable for the project, as expenses for the project have yet to be determined.