Cummins plans to bring back manufacturing workers Monday

Cummins is planning on bringing about 1,100 manufacturing employees in southern Indiana back to work on Monday as the company starts up again.

Jon Mills, company spokesman, says that manufacturing workers will be returning to work at all southern Indiana facilities on Monday except for Columbus Midrange Engine Plant.

Mills said that CMEP would be reopened when Fiat Chrysler Automobiles returns to production of the heavy-duty Ram trucks using Cummins engines. About 900 of the company’s 2,000 southern Indiana manufacturing employees work at CMEP, Mills said.

Mills said, the company’s goal is to have a safe workplace for returning workers and the company is taking steps to ensure that including providing protective gear, thorough cleanings and disinfection, rearranging workspaces and workflow to maintain social distancing, health screenings and temperature checks.

The reopening of the manufacturing plants and the return of those workers does not change the situation of the many office workers who will continue to work reduced hours, at home and with reduced pay until such time they can be safely brought back to work, Mills said.