Cummins employees to tackle environmental issues

Cummins kicked off its 6th annual June Environmental Month celebration on Wednesday, in conjunction with World Environment Day. Blair Claflin, Director of Sustainability Communications for Cummins, explains that this marks the time of the year when employees across the company engage in environmental projects at work, home and in their communities.

Sites across the company will be offering activities and programs around four weekly themes: how the company and its employees can decrease waste, improve water conservation, limit energy use and work within their communities to make a difference.

Organizers of the celebration expect about two-thirds of the company’s workers will participate in one or more events.

The Columbus Engine Plant will host its 9th annual Community Wide Recycling Day from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. June 13th in the plant parking lot. In addition to common recyclable items, employees and community members are also invited to bring in electronic waste, used batteries, used motor oil and paint. Items like tractor tires, light-bulbs, mercury thermometers, Styrofoam and pressure vessels and tanks will not be accepted.

Claflin explains that Cummins also tries to use the month to educate employees on what it is doing to reduce its environmental impact as a company. He says that some Cummins employees will be traveling to northwestern Indiana later this month to learn more about the company’s support for an expansion at the Meadow Lake Wind Farm.

One of the company’s environmental goals is to increase the availability and use of renewable power. Claflin says the company will also discuss its progress on goals around waste, water and energy later this month.