County government to buy $14k freezer for coronavirus vaccines

Bartholomew County is making plans for when the health department eventually receives the COVID-19 vaccine. The County Commissioners yesterday morning approved the purchase of a new, super-cold freezer for vaccine storage.

Amanda Organist with the health department said that the department is trying to prepare for when it receives the community’s COVID-19 vaccines, which are expected early next year. No actual timeline has yet been established on when the vaccines will start being available. As things stand, she said the department does not have a big enough freezer for all the doses needed for the community, nor one that will keep the vaccine cold enough. She said estimates are that the second wave of vaccines will need to be kept at 15 to 30 degrees below zero.

Commissioners approved the purchase of the freezer from Noblesville based Helmer Scientific for just over $14,000, the only bidder for the contract. The cost of the freezer is expected to be reimbursed from CARES Act funding, Organist said.