Coronavirus roundup 2 for March 21st: State updates numbers, FRHC Schools, Phone scams

Statewide cases top 100

The Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) today reported 47 new positive cases of COVID-19, bringing to 126 the number of Hoosiers diagnosed through ISDH, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and private laboratories. Three Hoosiers have died.

In total, 833 Hoosiers have been tested, including 279 who were tested in the last 24 hours.

The new cases involve residents of Allen (3), Clark (3), Delaware (1), Elkhart (1), Greene (1), Hamilton (5), Hancock (1), Harrison (1), Hendricks (2), Howard (1), Johnson (2), Lake (1), LaPorte (1), Marion (22), Scott (1) and Vigo (1) counties.

In our area, Bartholomew, Jennings and Shelby counties all have 1 case. With last night’s additions, Johnson County now has 7.

The list of counties with cases is included in the ISDH COVID-19 dashboard at, which will be updated daily at 10 a.m.

Cases are listed by county of residence.

FRHC schools extends eLearning days

From: Shawn Price, Flat Rock-Hawcreek Schools superintendent

Following yesterdays announcement from Governor Holcomb, Flat Rock-Hawcreek Schools will remain closed through May 1, 2020. We will continue our plan to deliver iPads to students on Monday March 23rd and Tuesday the 24th , as well as host remote meal sites each week. Students will receive instruction from home through our e-learning platform starting on Wednesday March 25th.


Attached you will find an informational flyer regarding the remote meal sites. Next week each of these sites will operate Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11am-12:30pm. Each week thereafter, locations will be open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during the same times. Meals are packaged grab-and-go style, parents are encouraged to stay in your cars and staff members will hand your items to you. Menus can be found on our food service website, but please note that these are subject to change without notice due to changes in availability.

iPad Delivery

The entire school campus is currently closed. Students/Parents are not permitted on site to pick up their iPads. Students in grades 5-12 should already have iPads with them. If you are a student in grades 5-12 and your iPad is here at school, please call the appropriate office below to make arrangements to have your iPad delivered to you.

Students in grades K-4 that ride the bus will have iPads/e-Learning materials delivered via bus route Monday, March 23rd. Buses will run their normal routes starting at 9:00am that morning. It is hard to predict the exact timing of these drop offs, so we are asking parents to be watching for your bus anytime from 9am-11am. If your child has a bus stop that includes multiple students, we ask that you stay in your car when possible until the bus stops.

In District Car Riders will have their iPads delivered to their primary residence on Monday, March 23rd, between the hours of 1pm 4pm. If you are unavailable during those times, please call our Central Office at 812-546-4922 to make arrangements for delivery. Please leave a detailed message including your name, students name, and return phone number.

Out of District Students delivery will happen on Tuesday March 24th. A representative will call to set up a time.

*If you are unable to meet your bus or have your iPad delivered, please be patient, we will do our best to get your device to you as soon as possible. Please direct all questions or concerns to the building offices.

Hauser 812-546-4421 Hope 812-546-5001.


Parents please understand that our previous e-learning days were never designed to be a long-term practice. With that being said, teachers have been asked to modify and/or create lessons that can easily be implemented at home. We understand that you are most focused on keeping your family safe in this uncertain time, so these lessons are designed with flexibility in mind. Another piece that is different from what other districts may be doing is that we are not requiring you to keep a daily e-learning schedule. In other words, we are not designating specific e-learning days. Starting Wednesday March 25th, elementary teachers will be posting (3) days of e-learning lessons per week for students to complete. The intent is that you can have your student(s) complete these assignments on the days that make the most sense for you and your family. Hauser teachers have been encouraged to post weekly lessons that allow for the work to be completed over that same time period. Of course, specific due dates and details may be included in individual teachers instructions and should be followed. Just remember, the pacing and scope of the work will be much different than previous e-learning days.

Those without internet access please call 812-546-4922 and leave a detailed message for assistance.

Other important information

  • All State Accountability Testing has been canceled No Istep, IRead or ILearn
  • All athletic practices and competitions are canceled until Monday May 4th at this time
  • No students are allowed on campus unless approved by the building level administration.
  • More information will be forthcoming regarding high school credit and graduation

Things to remember

  • Student safety is our top priority
  • We are all in this together
  • If you do not receive your iPad/e-learning materials prior to March 25th you are not behind; we will get the resources to you as soon as possible.
  • This is new territory for all of us and things could still change quickly.

State police warn of virus-related scams

While many things are postponed, delayed, or even canceled during this unprecedented time, one thing is not changing – Scammers are hard at work, trying to take your hard-earned money.

Fortunately, Indiana State Police have not seen an increase locally in scamming attempts; however, here are a few real-life examples that have been identified by federal authorities:

  • Telephone fraud criminals call victims pretending to be a clinic or hospital officials, who claim that a relative of the victim has fallen sick with the virus and request payments for medical treatment.
  • Phishing emails claiming to be from national or global health authorities, in hopes of tricking victims to provide personal credentials or payment details, or to open an attachment containing malware.

Authorities advise if you are looking to buy medical supplies online, or receive emails or links offering medical support, be alert to the signs of a potential scam and protect yourself and your money.

  • Independently verify the company/individual offering the items before making any purchases.
  • Be aware of bogus websites criminals will often use a web address which looks almost identical to the legitimate one, e.g. instead of
  • Check online reviews of a company before making a purchase for example, have there been complaints of other customers not receiving the promised items?
  • Be wary if asked to make a payment to a bank account located in a different country than where the company is located.
  • If you believe you have been the victim of fraud, alert your bank immediately so the payment can bestopped.
  • Do not click on links or open attachments that you were not expecting to receive or come from an unknown sender.
  • Be wary of unsolicited emails offering medical equipment or requesting your personal information for medical checks legitimate health authorities do not usually contact the general public in this manner.