Commissioners want to relocate county highway garage

Bartholomew County Commissioners are looking to move the county highway garage. The trio appeared during Monday night’s county council work session to talk about options.

The current facility on State Street is landlocked with little room for expansion. Commissioners are looking at the possibility of purchasing 11.25 acres neighboring the Clay Township Fire Department on 25th Street on the east side of Columbus. The property is currently owned by the Solid Waste Management District.

Commissioners offered options on how the project could be funded, including a piecemeal approach or issuing bonds. Commissioners asked council to consider $8 million in bonds that would be paid back out of CEDIT revenue. In discussions, the council came to a consensus to limit bonding to $6 million with any overages split between the council and commissioners.

The issue is expected to be discussed further when the council meets again next week.