Columbus campus seeks to raise local awareness

Kathy Oren

The colleges on the Columbus Municipal Airport property are taking a new approach to attract students from the local area to come to the schools in this time of pandemic and shutdowns.

Kathy Oren, executive director of the Community Education Coalition, says that the campus has had a group for some time that was working on outreach to employers to tout the programs and degrees that the campus offers. However, when the pandemic hit, they realized they needed to shift their focus.

Oren said the new focus also will be turned to helping those who have been left unemployed by the pandemic or who need to upgrade their skill set. Oren said it is one of the best kept secrets in town that there are world class institutions of higher learning in the community.

The group has put together a brochure explaining what the campus has to offer, and has updated the website for the Columbus Learning Center itself.

You can get more information and see the campus brochure at