City Council approves $33 million in tax abatements for Cummins

Cummins has been approved for tax breaks on building improvements and equipment it will be buying for its new electrification business headquarters in Columbus.

Cummins requested, and received, a tax abatement on $3.3 million in building improvements and $29.7 million in new equipment at the plant on Central Avenue. Company officials say the move is expected to retain 67 jobs and create 75 new ones with an average wage of over $30 per hour.

Mayor Jim Lienhoop says that Columbus is fortunate to be home to Cummins.

According to calculations by the city, Cummins would save just over $2 million dollars in future property taxes with the proposed 10-year-abatement, but the community would still net about $3.5 million in new property taxes from the expansion over the same period.

City council voted 6-0 to approve the request at its meeting Tuesday night.