CFD responds to possible restaurant fire

Photo courtesy of Columbus Fire Dept.

A large pot of food left unattended on a stove top filled a local restaurant with smoke Tuesday morning. At approximately 7:44 a.m., Columbus firefighters were called to a possible structure fire in the 3800 block of 25th Street after a passerby called 911 to report smoke coming from the roof the building.

The restaurant was closed and all doors were locked, causing crews to force open a door. Once inside, firefighters encountered a large amount of smoke. While searching through the kitchen area, firefighters found a large pot of food product burning on gas stove-top. Firefighters turned off the gas supply to the stove and carried the cooking pot to the parking lot.

A secondary search of the business confirmed the building was empty. Investigators determined that the fire was accidental. Damages from the smoke are estimated to be minimal.