Bartholomew County residents invited to join Indiana Sheriff’s Association

Bartholomew County Sheriff Matt Myers is inviting county residents to become members of the Indiana Sheriffs’ Association. He explains that the Indiana Sheriffs’ Association is a nonprofit, professional, educational and service organization dedicated to improving the criminal justice system and protecting the lives and property of all Hoosiers.

The membership program was instituted to provide citizens with an opportunity to lend their support of crime prevention and awareness programs, promote public safety and support programs like the Summer Youth Leadership Camps and College Scholarships for teenagers interested in law enforcement.

“We are inviting the public to help us better serve them by joining our efforts to provide effective law enforcement,” Sheriff Myers said. Bartholomew County residents should soon receive membership applications in the mail. If you don’t receive an application by mail, you can visit the Indiana Sheriffs’ Association website at to join.

The Sheriff says that this letter of invitation sent to citizens is the only manner or way used to invite citizens to become members of the Association. He stressed that no telephone solicitation or other methods are used to solicit members.