Bartholomew County government workers return after shutdown

Bartholomew County government workers are back in the office again, although the county is still going to minimize contact with the public.

County officials said on Monday that the workers had returned to their stations following the governor’s relaxing of the statewide restrictions for COVID-19. However, county buildings will still be largely off limits to the public. Most interactions with county workers should be done remotely. If you have to talk with a county worker directly, you should call the appropriate office and an employee will meet you outside to help you.

On Monday, Bartholomew County commissioners ratified the purchase of two high-accuracy temperature scanning devices. The devices, to be used at the county courthouse and the governmental office building will scan up to 30 people at a time as they enter the building and can pick out individuals running a fever. The cost for the two was just over 18 thousand 300 dollars.

Commissioners President Carl Lienhoop said that they believe the temperature checks will be in place for quite a while, based on county health department suggestions. A Louisville hospital uses the devices to scan more than a thousand people entering their facilities each day, Lienhoop said.

The County Commissioners held their meeting remotely over the Zoom app. They expect to make a decision by next week on when they will reopen the meetings physically to the public. Next Tuesday’s County Council meeting is also set to be held through the Zoom app, said County Auditor Pia O’Connor