Airport museum to add military cargo plane display

The F-4 Phantom fighter jet displayed at the Atterbury Bakalar Air Museum will soon have a companion. The museum is announcing a C-119 Flying Boxcar static display will be added at the museum at the Columbus Municipal Airport.

Nick Firestone with the museum explains that the planes were a common site at the airport, from the mid 1950s to when the base closed in 1970.

Firestone said that history led the museum to search for a suitable plane to display on the opposite side of the street from the F-4. The museum has already purchased the non-flying plane which will have to be broken down and shipped to Columbus.

The search finally led them to Wyoming.

The plane will be installed on the opposite side of the street from the current fighter jet display.

Airport director Brian Payne explains the size of the new addition

If you would like to help with the costs of the project, you can soon find a link with more information on the museum’s website at or at the museum’s Facebook page.