Victim loses thousands in immigration related scam

A Columbus resident is out thousands of dollars after scammers pretended to be with the Department of Homeland Security and threatened her immigration status. Lt Matt Harris with the Columbus Police Department says the victim received the call at work.

Harris says the caller was very persuasive and had some of the victim’s personal information, which made them sound legitimate.

Further adding to the believability, the caller used masking technology to make the call appear as if it was coming from Homeland Security on Caller ID, and even encouraged the victim to look up the number to see if it was legitimate.

The caller talked the victim into paying a non-existent fine by buying Apple iTunes gift cards.

Harris said he could think of no legitimate business or law enforcement agency that would ever ask you to pay a debt immediately with the purchase of gift cards. If you receive such a call, he recommends simply hanging up and contacting law enforcement.