Vehicle charging stations to be added to Columbus garages

The city of Columbus would add vehicle charging stations at two city-owned garages under a proposal approved yesterday by the Columbus Redevelopment Commission.

Gary Thompson with REI, the company which operates the parking garages for the city, proposed the addition at a cost of $10,763. Each of the garages at Second and Jackson Street would get two of the charging stations.

Thompson said that charging stations are becoming more popular in Indianapolis parking garages. He said that the city would not charge for the service in the garages, because the cost to install the equipment to process credit card payments would be more than the city would expect to earn back from customers using the service. He expected the electricity would cost the city between 50 cents and $3 a day for the charging stations.

Plus, he pointed out that those using the stations would already be paying to park in the garage, whether as monthly customers or day visitors.

Thompson said that there have been several requests from the public to add charging stations. The city would include signs that ensure that no one person would use the charging stations all day long and if it becomes a problem, company staff would discuss the issue with any offenders. The signs would also include a liability disclaimer.