Three arrested after argument with police

Three young people were arrested yesterday after arguing with police during a traffic stop.

Bartholomew County deputies pulled over a vehicle being driven by a 17-year-old girl at 11:12 p.m. on U.S. 31 and Marketplace Drive for driving 72 mph in a 45 mph zone. She told deputies that she never received a driver’s license. A county police dog alerted to the smell of narcotics inside the vehicle and a search revealed about an ounce of marijuana inside, according to police.

But as deputies began arresting the girl, a struggle and argument began, including two passengers arguing with an Edinburgh police officer who was assisting at the scene. A 14-year-old passenger and 18-year-old Leroy Conrad of Columbus were both taken into custody.

The girl is facing charges of resisting law enforcement by fleeing in a vehicle and by physical force, possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, reckless driving, operating a vehicle without a license and disorderly conduct.

Conrad and the boy are being charged with possession of marijuana, disorderly conduct and resisting law enforcement.