‘Special Dogs’ fundraising drive ends on Wednesday

There are only a few days left in a fundraising drive to aid in the relocation of “Special Dogs and More,” currently located inside the Fairoaks Mall in Columbus. Randy Lapidus says the restaurant opened 10 months ago. He explained that the idea for the business came about after a loved one suffered brain trauma. With that, the idea to create a business that allows those with disabilities to work, was born.

Lapidus says the initial plan was to stay in the mall for two to three years. However, he says that the loss of businesses and foot-traffic at the mall has resulted in the need of a new location. He says they’ve found a great location on Washington Street.

Lapidus adds that the deadline to raise the needed $50,000 is Wednesday. As of Friday evening, just over $30,500 has been raised. Lapidus notes that if the goal isn’t reached, they keep none of the pledged money. For more information on this fundraising effort, visit “Special Dogs and More” on Facebook or their fundraising page at http://bit.ly/2uT2JSm.