Road update – 3:25 p.m.

The Bartholomew County Emergency Management Agency says that you need to be careful about where you’re driving. Authorities say that County Road 225 North between Newbern Road and State Road 9 is closed. In addition the gates at County Road 400 North are closed.

High water is on:

South Gladstone Avenue (south of the bridge);
County Road 620 North (east of the bridge);
County Road 800 North (west of CR 100W);
County Road 400 West (between CR 200S and CR 250S);
County Road 450 North (east of CR 225E and Tally Road);
Newbern Road (north of the bridge);
County Road 850 S (at CR 400W);
County Road 930 S (between CR 300W and CR 400W);
Rockyford Rd west of Marr Road;
Tellman Camp Road

Authorities urge you to never try to drive through water. Turn around. Don’t drown.