Rivers remain high; authorities warn of driving into waters

Flood warnings for rivers and streams in our area continue this morning and some rivers are still rising.

East Fork White River at Columbus appears to be cresting Thursday morning at 14.5 feet, about six inches above the river’s moderate flood stage. The crest is expected to reach Seymour tomorrow morning and bring the river to 18.5 feet, or about six inches from reaching the level of major flooding.

Flat Rock River at Columbus appears to be on its way down. It crested yesterday morning just a hair below the moderate flood stage. Driftwood River at Edinburgh also appears to be on its way down, although it remains in the moderate flood stage. That river crested yesterday afternoon.

There is still a long list of roads closed or with high water in Bartholomew County. Authorities are urging you not to drive past any signs warning of high water. The Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department is reporting that it had several water rescues last night due to careless drivers and they will be ticketing those who pass barricades.