Rezoning for Tipton Lakes development denied

A rezoning request for a development on nearly 10 acres in the Tipton Lakes has been denied. Developers for the Proposed Spring Hill Lake development, just west of the greater Tipton Lakes area and north of Goeller Road, wanted to rezone the property to allow for the construction of duplexes. That development would have provided homes for approximately 40 families.

More than 100 people turned out at Tuesday night’s Columbus City Council meeting, a vast majority who spoke were against the proposal, citing concerns with traffic and the impact on neighboring property values. Neighbors also decried what many referred to as a lack of communication from the developer.

City Council members agreed with the neighbors, specifically mentioning a lack of communication with neighboring property owners. Councilman Frank Miller says the proposal is a good one. While he supported the rezoning request, Miller says that a number of concerns could have been alleviated with more transparency from the developer and a willingness to actively engage neighbors.

Council voted 5-2 to deny the rezoning request. Councilmen Tim Shuffett and Miller voted to approve it. The developer may make adjustments to the proposal or return in one year to resubmit the failed request.