Local law enforcement feeling pressure of drug epidemic

Local law enforcement agencies are feeling the strain of dealing with the ongoing opioid epidemic, they say.

Just yesterday, Bartholomew County deputies were called to an unidentified address and found a woman in full cardiac arrest with drug paraphernalia  nearby. After deputies performed CPR, rescue breathing and gave the woman a dose of Narcan, paramedics arrived and took over the lifesaving efforts, the sheriff’s department says.

The increase in overdoses has the department fighting the battle against the epidemic on  several fronts, says Bartholomew County Sheriff Matt Myers.

Myers says that his department is fighting the battle on several fronts, including stretching the department staff in new ways.

The sheriff said that the department has been forced into new roles, such as advocating for treatment in addition to punishment.

Lt. Matt Harris, spokesman for the Columbus police says that the drug problem is leading law enforcement to conclude that treatment is a necessity.

Harris says that much of the other crime in the community is attributable to those with addictions.