Jail sees more drugs smuggled through mail

Photo courtesy of Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department.

Bartholomew County Jail officers have been finding a hidden payload in some mail heading to inmates — thin strips of suboxone attached to cards and letters.

Although meant as a treatment for drug addiction, the drug can be abused to get high.

Sheriff Matt Myers explains..

Myers said the jail has been changing its procedure for checking mail, to make sure the drug does not slip through. In recent cases though, the mail has been sent to the same inmate repeatedly.

The sheriff described the battle to keep drugs out of the jail a constant battle.

Some people will even go as far as hiding drugs inside themselves on their way into the jail, he said. That is requiring the jail to consider sophisticated new scanners.

The sheriff said that while the jail staff does inspect each piece of mail, they also receive tips, and have other ways of knowing when to watch for incoming contraband. He said that if they can identify who is sending the suboxone in the mail, they intend to prosecute.