Income tax funds to be redirected to county jail

Bartholomew County towns and the city of Columbus will lose some income tax revenue but the county will be able to fully fund the jail  from income taxes under a plan adopted last night by the County Council.

Council members approved the plan to take back income tax revenue from other governments in the county with no opposition last night. The biggest loser of tax revenue will be the city of Columbus, which will see a an estimated $2.7 million dollar decline in income tax revenue next year. Edinburgh will lose about $118,000 dollars while Hope will lose about $28,000.

The city and towns all benefited from an increase in the income taxes approved last year for public safety and to deal with the opioid crisis. The change takes back a portion of that increase.

The ordinance approved unanimously last night by the County Council, will redirect and estimate $4.8 million dollars into the Correctional and Rehabilitation Facilities fund next year. That essentially will completely remove the county jail from the property-tax supported general fund in next year’s budget.

The council also had a first reading of next year’s budget at last night’s meeting.