Hartsville home a total loss; dogs survive blaze

A Hartsville family lost everything in a Sunday afternoon home fire.

And at first they thought they had lost one of their two dogs, a Yorkie. The resident’s mother kicked open the front door and the larger of their two dogs ran from the home. However the smaller dog did not come out.

Emily Young, EMS Chief with the Hartsville Volunteer Fire Department explains:

But as firefighters sifted through the ruins of the home, there was a surprise, Young says.

A firefighter opened a door and the dog raced from the home. It had a small burn on a paw and had to be on oxygen, but was otherwise unharmed.

The family, a father and two adult children, lived in the home of Lake Site Drive off of County Road 1050E. Firefighters from several departments were called in at just before 1 Sunday afternoon.

Young said the home is a total loss. The fire appears to have started in the attic, causing the roof to collapse into the interior of the home.

She said that the residents had kept their bedroom doors shut which would normally help protect those rooms from fire damage. However, with the fire collapsing the roof and attic, the contents were destroyed.