Funding board approves plan to tackle addiction problem

The first funding request to tap into money from last year’s Bartholomew County income tax hike to battle drug addiction was approved Monday afternoon by the Substance Abuse Public Funding Board.

Bartholomew courts officials are asking for just over $240,000 to fund what they are calling REALM, or the Recovery Enables a Life for Men program. The court-ordered drug treatment program is patterned after a similar program for women called WRAP that the county already has been using. County Councilwoman Laura DeDomenic…


DeDomenic talks about the proposed 50/50 split between the city and county to cover the costs of the program…


The city and county councils will have the final say on whether or not to provide funding. That funding is expected to cover the costs for the program, beginning in the fourth quarter of this year and lasting through all of 2019.