Flu caused death of CSA Lincoln student

A young Columbus girl died from complications of the flu.

Bartholomew County Coroner Clayton Nolting says that results are back from the autopsy of 7-year-old Savanna Jessie who died at her home on Feb. 1st.

She was found unresponsive by her family. Emergency responders rushed her to Columbus Regional Health, where she was pronounced dead. Nolting says the child had been treated after testing positive for influenza B, strep throat and scarlet fever.

Jessie was a student at CSA Lincoln Elementary.

Amanda Organist, head of the public nursing unit at the Bartholomew County Health Department, says that the first line of defense against the flu is to get a flu shot. That is despite some concerns that the shot may not be as effective this year as it has been in previous years.

Other keys to preventing the spread is to make sure that if you are sick, to stay home.

She said you should also take standard precautions not to spread illness, such as covering your face with a tissue or your elbow if you cough, and make sure to wash your hands frequently.

Organist said that there is still flu vaccine available at the health department. You can call their offices at 812-379-1555 and hit option 1 to schedule an appointment.

The Indiana State Department of Health says there have been 169 flu-related deaths in Indiana so far this year. The most recent report, which came out last week, only counts through Feb. 3rd.