District 59 candidates talk about gas tax hike and infrastructure

Seven candidates, five Republicans and two Democrats, are actively campaigning to win the District 59 seat at the Statehouse being vacated by retiring Rep. Milo Smith of Columbus. The district covers most of Bartholomew County. Mary Kohen and Dale Nowlin are running in the Democratic primary. We asked them about the newly implemented gas tax and how to best address infrastructure needs.

Kohen says she has concerns about the tax increase.

Nowlin says he’s concerned with tax equality when it comes to funding infrastructure and other needs.

The winner of the Democratic primary will face the winner of the Republican primary being contested between Lew Wilson, JoAnne Flohr, Ryan Lauer, John Counceller, and Allen Smith. Benjamin Chastain is also on the Republican ballot, but he is not actively campaigning.

Counceller says its important to make sure that the gas tax is focused on infrastructure needs.

Flohr says it’s important to focus on infrastructure.

05-03 Election JoAnne Flohr Q4 RAW

Wilson says the gas tax increase necessary.

05-03 Election LEW WILSON Q4 raw

Lauer says he was opposed to the increase in the state gas tax.

Smith says he approves of the gas tax increase, noting the importance of infrastructure in improving the economy.

05-03 Election Allan Smith q4 RAW

The primary election is May 8th.